1. Human



Crumbs, in the bed
Texts, unread
Sweater undid
Pulling the thread

Love you’s unsaid
I eat too much bread
Sleep when I can
I’m afraid it’s the end

Monsters are chasing me
Trip on my laces we
Ain’t fast enough
I’m blaming you selfishly

Reach out my hand
Just to push you away
Why can’t I stop
Making mistakes

But hey
I’m only human
I’m only human

Prone to insanity
Selfies and vanity
Stuck in finality
Come on this ride

Because hey
I’m only human

I’m trying to change
My bad habits, eat salad
I’m over fed
Under read
Too proud of my talents

Look I ain’t no saint
But I still have some good
I just make mistakes
Like a person should