Jennifer Msumba
863.832.1455 Midtempo, Dramatic, Dreamy, Emotive, Minimal, Quirky, Reflective, Acoustic guitar, Clean, Female vocal, Harmonies, Indie, One stop, Brand new day, Carry on, Friendship, Home, Hope, Life


The morning’s new and I’m thinking ‘bout your company
I know I’m usually quiet, but today I’m feeling free
Can you come over we can do nothing side by side
I’ll be happy with your warmth and your light
Next to me

We can eat our cereal right out of the box
‘Cause the milk’s gone bad
Just like our luck
We can solve our problems with the hands that we’ve got
No need to pour more troubles on top
We can be friends
Life forgot

So let the day get old
And let the tired sun set
Let the years pass by
And our love have no regrets
Don’t know what I would be if we never had met
Sitting side by side, ’til our death…